Welcome to the Nigerian Association of New Zealand website.

It is with great pleasure that I have been able to take up the post of President for the current term and I hope my time in this position will see positive change and progress for all Nigerians living in New Zealand. I am grateful to be working with an intelligent and inspirational executive committee.

The Nigerian Association of New Zealand is a group made up of individuals that are united by their ethnic link to Nigeria. Members come from all of the many tribal groups found in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Association of New Zealand works to organise and facilitate social events to help unite and connect Nigerians. The association also works to encourage all Nigerians in their personal endeavours, be it in education, business, or with needs such as housing and employment.

On a practical front, our association is committed to assisting Nigerians that are new to the country in integrating and finding stability to the culture and lifestyle of New Zealanders. Moving to a new country on the other side of the globe has many many challenges and can leave a person feeling very isolated. We want all Nigerians in New Zealand to feel welcome and have a sense of belonging.

Our vision ahead includes the hope of uniting our people in this adopted land to embrace our cultural heritage and continue to connect and live out our unique identities as West Africans in this very different part of the world. This will also help our children born in New Zealand identify as Nigerians.

I truly believe that our strength as an association comes from you, the members. We hope that belonging and involving yourself in the Nigerian Association of New Zealand will be a rewarding experience as you also help give a united representation of our people in our local communities.

We look forward to connecting with our Nigerian family and new faces are always welcome.

In unity we trust. Wazobia!

Gary Unamadu

Association President.